Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Sweet Little Wedding Gift

A dear friend was married last August and I wanted to make her something special. She had a beautiful vintage wedding filled with adorable details and thoughtful words and music. Miss V was thrilled to bits to go to her first wedding, and at 3 and a half was convinced the bride was a fairy princess. She could hardly breathe when the bride knelt down to speak with her.

I had the best of intentions to have the gift ready for the wedding, or later that fall, or perhaps even Christmas. Alas my pregnant-self fell asleep while making it repeatedly, and once the baby arrived I was often too sleepy to do much of anything once he was settled and snoozing. Isn't there a tradition that wedding gifts can be given up until the first anniversary? That works for me.

Since the wedding was all vintage charm, I decided to embroidery a set of napkins for the bride and groom. It began as a set of 8, but eventually settled in as 4 napkins (see previous paragraph!) and a lovely gift certificate to a yummy restaurant. 

I used a simple transfer I bought at the fabric store, but I was a bit afraid it wouldn't quite wash out, so I ended up using the transfer under the napkin, and taking a fabric pen and just making a few dots to guide myself. I used simple embroidery stitches, just a running stitch, french knots and some lazy daisy's. Nothing too complicated. I think they turned out quite nicely and the bride loved them which is all that matters.

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